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Dave said, Sept 2019

I visited a couple of months ago for a mega piss drinking session. Mistress was kind enough to save several bottles of Her pee for me to consume. I was fed in several different ways as well as drinking some direct from Mistress Herself. I also had a piss enema which was fantastic. On top of all this was an unexpected treat at the end. Miss Taylor is a delightful person. Recommended!

Mistress knows who I am said Aug,2019

I visited Mistress Julia for the first time today (17th August), having followed her on Twitter for a long time. Why oh why did I wait so long?? She's a total professional and complete expert in everything she does. The fact that she's extremely beautiful and unbelievably sexy is an added bonus. Her extensive array of equipment in her Lair is mind boggling. I had the time of my life and can safely say that my search for the Perfect Mistress is over. If you're even remotely considering booking a session with Mistress Julia Taylor, I highly recommend that you do it right now! You won't regret it, I promise. Thank you Mistress x

Lucky Slave Boy said Aug, 2019

After spending a day serving Mistress Taylor recently I can but concur with Mr.M's comments. I too have considerable experience of other Mistresses in the past and to me Mistress Taylor sits at the very top of the tree. Her mantra is 'safe, sane and consensual' and while I question my own sanity at times, I always know I am in very safe, experienced hands. My only complaint is a day is never long enough. Mistress Taylor offers so many delights that one might happily be serving her for so much longer. Which is not to say that shorter sessions are not equally amazing. Such is Mistress Taylor's expertise that an half hour can provide some of the most intense and immense expeiences. As Mistress well knows I will return again and again - not to do so would be the utmost folly. Thank you Mistress Julia Taylor from your most humble and obedient follower.

Mr M said Aug,2019

They say that the best things come in little packages--- well this very sexy and extremely attractive lady is as good a Mistress as you will find anywhere in this country and ive seen very many in all parts of the UK. Her dungeon. medical clinic -bondage equipment and much much more is extremely comprehensive in a very large multi-roomed setting and so are her outfits, particularly her Latex ones (my favourites) which she carries off superbly with her petite trim figure. She will dress and present herself as the Depraved Nun, the wicked Nurse, Sadistic domme, Scat Queen etc or whatever your desire, and she will slip into the part shes playing as a complete no-nonsense professional. You will believe her verbal threats-- and have no doubt she she will carry them out to the letter if thats your wish as she takes you through your preferred session, and all this while you are strapped down and completely helpless for her to work on your tormented body and mind. She can be as depraved and more as you wishes desire- and take it from me you will believe it. So if youre looking for a Dominatrix who will set your blood pulsing-- your mind racing - your cock throbbing --- then this is the perfect Domme and do not be fooled by her very reasonable rates - check her out I dare you- im so glad I did and I cannot wait for the next one.

Manmeat said March, 2019

I first visited the wonderful Miss Julia Taylor almost five years ago as a complete novice. I remember that day I was very nervous but she calmed me down and talked me thorough the session the session its was for CBT it was amazing and from that day I have been hooked. Her pictures don't do her justice she is absolutely stunning real life petite and gorgeous but don't let that fool you step out of line and she will punish you. Mistress always respects your limits and is a true professional. Mistress has taken me a long way in the last 5 years pushing my limits and doing many different things to me and my sessions are always fabulous. My last session was just yesterday and what can I say mistress blew my mind. So if you get the chance to meet this fabulous lady for a session do it you will not regret it. Thank you mistress xxx

GS said Feb,2019

A good Mistress is hard to find, a great one is a treasure to be stored and enjoyed. Mistress Taylor is something else - bloody brilliant. If I were a rich man I'd be in Dudley every day. In my opinion Mistress Taylor is the very best.

Stephanie said Jan,2019

I had followed Mistress Julia Taylor via her site and social media for over a year. I had tried to meet her back in the summer, but my crazy schedule made it difficult. By good fortune, I was able to arrange a 3 hour session with her over the Christmas 2018 break and I can honestly say it was worth the wait and 2019 feels full of promise as I plan my next visit(s). As a Tgirl/crossdresser/transvestite who has always enjoyed being the sissy toy of an imaginative femdom, I have come to realise that some this kind of play well and others do not. Mistress Julia Taylor excels in the former. She is chic and gorgeous, witty, smart and pitch-perfect naughty as required. I won't go into exhaustive detail about our session, but it involved a very helpful make-up lesson, various forms of bondage, intox, teasing and anal play. While it was a longer than usual session, I felt that we both had a good time as Mistress manages to balance humour, humanity and fun throughout the session. If you are a veteran, she will take you to new heights. If you are like me, someone for whom vanilla commitments make dressing and sessions a challenge, she will be more than worth the time and effort to visit her, regardless of where you live in the UK. I travelled from London and it was the best time and money I spent. Mistress Julia respects your limits while also expanding your horizons and genuinely enjoys her work. I can' t recommend what she does highly enough.

Toilet Boy said Dec,2018

Had an issue with access to the Members section of the web site. Contacted Miss Julia who took the time to send a very nice reply. Hope to meet in person soon.

Slave G said May,2018

How do you comment on perfection ? If you are reading this - stop pick up the phone and book a session now. I promise you you will never regret it.

Slave G said Apirl,2018

Why die when you can experience heaven on earth with Mistress 'my Angel' Julia in Dudley? To sleep perchance to dream she is wonderful beyond words.

Slave Suka said Jan,2018

Mistress Julia Taylor......What to say, well breath taking,most addictive Lady i ever seen, Her professionalism Her charm Her Calm voice Her friendly personality from the first minute made me decide that i want to belong to Her fully, i surrender to Her myself. Decide to have no safe word to have no limits. If anybody of You thinking to meet this beautiful gorgeous Mistress take my advice and think twice as this experience will change your life as it did change mine. i can't think about anything else then to comeback to Mistress Julia, fall on my knees and follow Mistresses Julia orders. i'm checking my mail box 100 times a day with hope that i will get some massage from Her, checking twitter.... Mistress Julia become my nirvana , my morphine my biggest addiction. Thank You Mistress for giving me chance to serve You

MJT Slave said Jan,2018

I have had the honour and utmost pleasure of visiting Mistress Julia twice, with a third visit pending. My first visit, a jump in at the deep end, a Double Domme Twisted Tuesday, I was greeted at the door by the most beautiful Mistress Julia who led me through the dungeon and met the stunning Miss Erika; the session that followed surpassed any expectations and dreams I had had. As this was my first visit to a Mistress, and first innocent steps into the realms of being a slave I had only a faint idea what could lay in wait for me --- I was not disappointed, after being put at ease by Mistress Julia, as my nerves were showing, by the end of my session I'd been used as an ashtray, footstool, caned and whipped, forced bi- and had both Mistresses use strap-ons in my ass and mouth - I left with the biggest smile on my face with a present from Mistress Julia in my ass, to fly home with. My second trip, an overnight stay, coincided with my birthday, and they were again two of the best days I've ever had. Meeting Madame Cee Cee was a delight, and spending the night locked in a cage are memories I will always have, and after Mistress accepted my keys to my chastity cage - I now literally, and gladly, belong to Her. After another forced bi- encounter (more 'advanced' this time), I was introduced to Mistress's cane and whip once more to pay a debt that was due. Once Mistress and Madame Cee Cee were done - my cheeks were a lovely shade of purple for the next week - but I have promised to take more next time. My birthday treat was a highlight of my trip - truffles and champagne - exquisite I cannot wait for my next trip, to find out what my divine Mistress has waiting for her slave, MJTs slave.

Slave Lee said Dec 27,2017

Finally had the honour of worshipping Mistress Taylor and all I can think is why did I wait so long? Mistress Taylor is all about making the session a two way event so that both are getting something from it. That was what made it so amazing for me, that and her striking beauty and amazing body. It really was a privilege to receive her spit and lick her shoes and boots. I honestly mean that. An excellent, excellent session that I will remember for a long time. I will be booking again soon. A wonderful person too. Thank you Mistress Taylor xx

SlaveG said Dec 12,2017

Double domme sessions are out of this world. Thank you to both Mistress Julia & Mistress Erika - an experience of a lifetime

SlaveG said Nov 20,2017

Recently returned to visit this most delightful Mistress. Her welcome is warm and friendly but underneath her impish exterior there lurks a core of steel - beware! While small in stature her right arm is incredibly strong and her core strength immense giving her the ability to use the largest of dildos for pegging sessions as her profile picture clearly demonstrates. Mistress Taylor clearly enjoys what she does , does it extremely well and makes sure that her slaves 'enjoy' it too. I can't wait to go back again - thank you mistress Julia.

DPig said Nov 9,2017

When I contacted mistress I was so nervous I have a few health conditions but could not of been put more at ease it really will change your life for the better if you are a bit unsure get in touch it really will be the best decision of your life.

Sub C said on Feb 17,2017

I love the look and feel of the new website

Hennatattoopuppyboy said on Feb 17,2017

I am owned by my official owned by my Mistress Julia Taylor and I'm her own puppy boy I do as i'am told obey serve worship submit my self and I'm her toy to play with I appreciate my owner Miss JuliaTaylor and very happy to serve and worship my owner is a a very kind understanding young lady and has the best no 1 private chambers in the west midlands .ive been very happy with my mistress and he new web site I excellent and her own puppy likes it very much , The best way to find a beautiful young petit Mistress JuliaTaylor and her own Private chambers and submit yourself and be honest at all times, with lots of love from your own puppy boy xxxxxxxx woof woof

Peggmemistress said on Feb 17,2017

Absolutely love this site. Mistress Taylor is an amazing Mistress

Roddy said on Sep 22, 2016

I had a session with MIstress last week and it was a wonderful session and I hopeto visit again soon. She is always in charge and makes sure you do asyou are told OR ELSE time spent in her dungen is alwaysan experience not to be forgotten. She is such considerate Mistress as a discussion before the session puts you at ease. Anyone who sessions with should feel privileged to be her subif only for an hour or two. Hope tosee her again soon.

Tex said on Jul 31, 2016

Miss Julia Taylor is amazing in every way. No-one can get into your head the way she does. She learns not only what you like but exactly how you like it. Every session becomes more and more amazing. You owe it to yourself to give her a try guys!

Enrico said on May 30, 2016

Dear Miss Julia Taylor, You have a great website and stunning pictures. Lovely greetings, enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

Sissy Danielle said on May 16, 2016

It was my second visit to Miss Julia Taylor and she did not disappoint. I had a change of plan since my last visit and wanted to do sissy play for the first with Mistress. I had always been curious about it, both with the humiliation side of things and dressing up side of things. Overall, Mistress gave me a truly memorable, very enjoyable first sissy experience. It was my first time in chastity, and it was both surprising and humiliating that I could fit in the pin dick chastity device. It was slightly painful at some points, but in a good way and Mistress was pleased with my mild discomfort.The dressing up was beyond my wildest dreams, and was much more enjoyable doing it than fantasising about it. The different textures of stockings, suspenders and my dress felt amazing, and the dress itself felt like it had been plucked right from my fantasies. Of course it was also interesting wearing a wig and breasts (which fit perfectly), and looking into the mirror and having my picture taken I felt like a completely new person. I really enjoyed the following strapon sucking/fucking, and like my previous visit Mistress seems to know just the right amount of time to spank, fuck and humiliate. When I was allowed out of chastity and given some 'additional help' while playing with my sissy clit, my orgasm at the end felt like the best orgasm ive had in a long time, and I surprised myself how I felt. So if anybody is worrying about going, dont be. Miss Julia expertly integrates your desires/fetishes into your session, and for me definitely makes fantasies come true. I love how she plays with domination, switching between physical and mental aspects. Shes also a really nice person post session, and its feels good to talk to somebody about kinky stuff and everyday stuff over coffee/water before leaving. Definitely cant wait for my next visit. Sissy Danielle x


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