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Tomtitt said, April 2023

Ide actually been waiting a couple of years to see Mistress Julia Taylor, because of the distance and a couple of unfortunate circumstances….Ide say she was worth the wait but at the same time Im gutted I didn’t meet her sooner, I would of seen her three or four times by now and I’ve actually been missing out! I’ve had a many hs session….Ide say 70-80% have literally been crap! I’ve had a few good ones but even with some well known Mistresses I’ve found I build myself up and I’ve just a bit of a let down….you walk away with a feeling….why are my sessions never anything like what I’m watching….it makes you start thinking along the lines of wanting to be used in filming just in the hope you’ll get the session you want. Mistress Julia Taylor was definitely the first hs session I’ve had were it’s all just been perfect. I don’t knowif she just knows what we want or enjoys it as much as we do…Ide say probably both. She’s unique, I found her direct and to the point to begin with but at the same time it was in a warm way that I just felt relaxed and at ease, many times through the session she made me crack up laughing, it was just all round a good laugh really, which you don’t really expect…. compared to what sometimes can be quite nervy, awkward affairs. Thank you I can’t wait to see you again.

Chloe said, July 2022

Went to mistress Taylor this month for a forced feminisation/sissy training session and must say it was amazing, location is great and easy to find,met with a lovely warm welcome at the door,has loads of outfits and accessories and equipment, mistress’s make up skills are amazing as this was the best makeover I have ever had! I had so much fun and will definitely be back in the near future. Thank you so much mistress Taylor x

Pain Slave said, April 2022

Misstress Julia Taylor is exquisite in every way. Not only beautiful with a gorgeous body, she is also a true professional with poise, grace and a true understanding of her slave's needs. When I phoned her to book a session she took the time to discuss details and answered my questions with infinite patience. The two hour session was a wonderful experience. I was tied spreadeagle and severely caned until my bottom wad a mass of purple welts. MJT then pierced my nipples and hung weights from them further stretching them in perfect pain. I had requested that Mistress use white panties instead of toilet paper in her morning ablutions. She placed them over my head ensuring the wonderfully aromatic thick brown stain was against my nose and lips. It was an immense privilege to smell and taste my Mistress' precious truffle while at the same time kneeling on rice grains. More weights were added to my already distended nipples and the session ended with a painful cock caning. After a shower and a cup of tea I left wearing Mistress' soiled panties. I shall most definitely return to session with Mistress Julia Taylor when I'm next in the area. Thank you Mistress from the bottom of my heart.

Dave said, February 2022

Mistress is 1st class no other words needed. Having g spent a lifetime seeking out a Mistress who can deliver a canning with such crisp accuracy was near impossible. Until I meet Mistress JT . Wow she is deffiently the best!

Steve Said, January 2022

My first session with Miss Taylor, indeed my first session with a domme was the best experience I've ever had. Miss Taylor put me very much at ease and made the session extremely enjoyable.

Edward Said, November 2021

Mistress Julia Taylor what a wonderful, beautiful and caring domma. Made my first ever visit to a domma today 19/11/21 . Wow what a superb and unbelievable experience, as a novice and a newbie to the wonderful world of kink as nervous as a kitten but there was nothing to worry about, as soon as mistress greeted me all the tension drained away, completely putting me at ease with a few words but at the same time extending the power she as a woman who knows how to show it . As for the play it was exquisite takeing me to places long dreamed off but thought would never happen. Thank you mistress for accepting me into your world.​​​​​​​

Slutty Sophie Said,September 2021

Had an amazing time with miss Julie and lady Sarah best day of my life​​​​​​​.

Foo78oy Said, March 2021

 I went to see mistress julia taylor many moons ago, for a foot worship and ballbusting session, by faaaaar the beat mistress around is all i can say, perfect in every way possible, if you have a foot fetish get yourself to miss taylor NOW! Beautiful 10/10 feet and soles.

Mistress Knows Who I am said, February 2020

 you have browsed Her website – seen those gorgeous images and words here - and maybe on Twitter - and found yourself at this page….well you must be considering visiting the wonderful Mistress Julia Taylor then! Your attraction to Her outwardly image will be strong – but what you may also be drawn to subconsciously is Her amazing sensitivity and positivity. You are viewing her ‘fantasy persona’ similar to how you may want her to play with you – you will be visiting a very positive and caring Woman….. You may think you have unique kink – or maybe not – but you definitely need it explored – but in ‘safe hands’ – and I don’t mean ‘Health & Safety’ (that’s done to a professional standard as a given) – I mean safe hands with your emotions – the reason why you are here reading this – because these are likely to be brought forward and nurtured by this amazing Woman – however ‘harsh’ your kink may be – or need to be punished, humiliated or your ‘dirty secrets’ revealed – those you fear Vanilla would reject you for – MJT will explore them to the full – and you will leave with a great positivity that you are in fact ‘normal’ with these feelings – you just needed to find your Female kinksters – of which MJT is a natural. So ‘into’ the scene - She has set up the scenario for Her enjoyment - and you can visit the ‘proper’ version of your kink – deep into your dreams and desires – and let your soul ‘fly’…. finding synchronicity with Her – to fly with you…to teach you and hold your hand (or whatever!) on this amazing journey! You owe it to yourself – really – love yourself – and let MJT explore that love with you….xx​​​​​​​

Dave said, September 2019

 I visited a couple of months ago for a mega piss drinking session. Mistress was kind enough to save several bottles of Her pee for me to consume. I was fed in several different ways as well as drinking some direct from Mistress Herself. I also had a piss enema which was fantastic. On top of all this was an unexpected treat at the end. Miss Taylor is a delightful person. Recommended!​​​​​​​


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