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Welcome to my NEW website, Beasties!.

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Hello there my darling Beasties!.

May I welcome you to my fabulous new website, where I hope to increase your ability to experience me before you ever step foot into my lair, or for those true loyal Beasties, you can continue to worship me when away from me.

As with everything about me, this is something that will grow and develop over time and I want this to be a sight for my dear Beasties to enjoy to the fullest, so if there is something you would grovel upon bended knee to see, please do so whilst emailing me your humble request. If you are very lucky you may even be brave enough to submit to me in the flesh and become the willing subject of one or a few of the images that I delight in sharing.

This will now be the ONLY place to view the daily images of my debauched activities, with regular weekly even daily uploads of the fun and frolics taking place within the walls of my lair.

With lots of exciting new plans ahead to aid our debauchery through 2017, this shall be a most fabulous year for all who enter my lair.


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Posted on 13th February 2017

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